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MediumCube.com hosting
Powerful admin panel (cPanel)
PHP + Perl + MySql
WebDAV Support
Site statistics
Anti-Spam Email Filters
FTP & SSH access
Pre-installed scripts
Backup services
& more!

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Powerful admin panel (Plesk)
MS SQL server
C# Development
Site statistics
Anti-Spam Email Filters
FTP Access
Pre-installed scripts
Backup services
& more!

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The revolutionary WinPanel 2.0 has got everyone talking. Never before has windows hosting been so easy. Now with WinPanel 2.0, you may comfortably control your e-mails, site statistics, subdomains, and much more. For windows servers, Mediumcube.com is the company for you.

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With Cpanel and WebHost Manager, you will be in control of every aspect of your web site. With an administrator interface through WebHost Manager, and an end-user interface through Cpanel, every part of your web operations is covered. For linux servers, Mediumcube.com is the company for you.

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MediumCube offers various solutions for our reseller partners. Through our program, you can become a hosting service yourself, providing high-end web services for your clients. Every MediumCube reseller is protected with utter and complete anonymity. Join the thousands of entrepreneurs who are already making money from this growing industry.

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Do you have a website? Make money with Mediumcube’s affiliate program! With every valid sale generated from your website, we will pay you 30. A valid sale is a sale over 60 days. This applies to even the $9.95 Linux Starter packages. We will have a wide variety of fresh banners for you to use. Payments are sent out at the end of every month for all valid sales over the 90 days period.

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"You are Quality and quantity rolled into 1... You have the most friendly & prompt service I’ve seen in years. Thank you for your reliable & dependable hosting and your dedication to service is excellent. Big thanks to Chris and the rest of the Team at Mediumcube."

Annie - www.closecallmovie.com
Things you should know about MediumCube.com

It is the process of providing an individual or business the equipment and services to maintain a website on the internet. We provide you with the web space and bandwidth to store your files. We concentrate on maintaining the server so that you can concentrate on maintaining your business.

In today's fast paced world of information exchange, people are increasingly depending on the internet to bring their businesses to a digital medium. We are that medium. Our services allows people and business alike to offer their goods and services to customers around the globe.

At MediumCube.com, we believe that a carefully crafted website has the potential to expand the horizons for any type of business. We take pride in watching a company we service blossom into greatness on our servers. Our customer service is responsible, friendly, and eager. We are always on the standby to make sure that you can continue to enjoy your time on the internet without having to worry about your website whether it can handle the traffic or not..

Mediumcube Servers
Our servers are amongst the fastest in the industry. Our servers are equipped with:

* Combination of Intel Dual, Quad and 6-Way Xeons
* 2,4,8 Gigabyte Registered ECC DDR RAM
* RAID-1/RAID-5 Controllers up to 1TB
* 10/100/1000Mbps Intel Network Cards
* Additional Backup Device for daily/weekly backups
* Redundant Power Supplies
* Based on Intel and HP technologies


Kairoi, Inc. specializes in ASP.NET and SQL technologies. They are specialized in providing exceptional site designs to churches, non-profits and small businesses.

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