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Website Design, Managed Hosting and Web Development by Mediumcube

We design, build and SEO great mobile friendly websites using WordPress.

The best way to figure out if we’re going to be a good fit for each other is to discuss your website or SEO project together. Please start the dialogue by filling out this form.

Mediumcube provides website design & development services, cloud hosting and SEO marketing. Our team produces top quality mobile friendly websites based upon the WordPress platform. If you’re considering a new mobile friendly website or you want to make an existing website mobile friendly, Mediumcube is ready to assist. We offer website services including Website Design, Website Development, Cloud Hosting and SEO Marketing.

Mobile Friendly Secured Websites: Website Design and Development Process

  1. We conduct an initial website design discovery session where we capture all of your input on User Interface (UI), User eXperience (UX) and functionality.
  2. Our designer creates an initial website design of a home page and an interior page. We share the designs with you as pictures (either jpegs or PDFs).
  3. After several rounds of feedback we arrive at a final website design. That final approved design then goes into the development phase.
  4. We build our mobile friendly websites based upon Bootstrap or Foundation frameworks and using the WordPress CMS.
  5. After the development is complete and feedback/testing is satisfactory to you, we move the site live wherever you want it hosted and train you to work with the admin dashboard.
  6. Final step is to secure and update the website to the latest version. We can even provide managed DDoS protection, CDN and Firewall services

Learn more about our website creation process here.

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Is Your Website A Mobile Friendly Website Already?

Mediumcube’s website design and development focuses on mobile friendly or mobile ready websites. Having a mobile friendly website has never been more important than it is today. If your website is already mobile friendly, that’s great news for you! If you’re not sure, the Google Mobile Friendly Test allows you to check your own website to see if you have a mobile friendly website. Visit the Google Mobile Friendly Test page to check your site for yourself. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, making it mobile friendly may not require a huge investment. Call us at 1-866-654-4266