Web Design Philosophy

We recently were asked about our web design philosophy. Our philosophy has three simple tenets.
Web Design Philosophy #1

Must Be Fully Responsive

Responsive websites adapt to all devices and browsers. Mobile is growing like crazy. Do you know what your mobile statistics are?

Web Design Philosophy #2

Design For Conversions

Why invest the effort to get traffic give them a good experience if you’re not going to get something back in return?

Web Design Philosophy #3

Add Content for SEO

Is that brilliantly written blog post properly SEO’d? Invest two more minutes in each blog post and REALLY crank up the organic traffic.

Website Projects Philosophy

Our website projects philosophy is to approach each new project as a potential referral opportunity and another opportunity to add to our online portfolio. We genuinely want each new customer to refer our next new customer to us and as such we are going to put everything we have into your project. There’s no better feeling than adding a new project to our online portfolio. We want every project we do to be portfolio worthy.

What does our website projects philosophy earn us?

We think our website projects philosophy earns us the right to work with customers who understand these three things:

Website Ownership

Someone for the client’s business must be clearly identified as the website owner.


Projects are more likely to go smoothly when these simple rules are followed.

Realistic Expectations

Does your site need to work “just like YouTube” and your budget is $2,000?

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