We are constantly seeking opportunities in the Cloud industry. Since our establishment, we’ve helped many cloud providers continue offering phenomenal service to their hosting clients through partnership and acquisition programs. Reach out to our partnership team for more details.

Do you have a website? Make money with Mediumcube Affiliate Plus program!

For every web hosting customer you refer and signs up with us, we will pay you $50.00. A valid hosting customer is a client using our annual hosting service and setup a separate account through our system. This applies to all plans (Shared, Reseller, Dedicated) . We will have a wide variety of fresh banners for you to use. Contact us for more information

Profit Potential

Sales per WeekMonthly TotalMonthly ProfitYearly Profit

Payments are send out at the end of every month for all valid sales over the 31 day period.  Payment are sent out by either check, PayPal or wire transfer. Minimum balance required for payout is $100