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High School Website for McCann Technical School

Mediumcube provided website design and website development services to create a high school website for McCann Technical School of North Adams, MA.

High School Website Features

WordPress is an ideal platform for building a high school website. Two features we were able to take advantage of for the McCann project are:

  1. Events Calendar
    We found an events calendar plugin which allows each sports team and other subgroup within the school to publish a calendar of just their events which rolls up into a master calendar for the entire school.
  2. Custom Post Type for Emergencies or Alerts
    We used the CPT UI plugin to build a custom post type for announcements like snow days and other urgent matters. When one of these custom posts is activated, it appears right beneath the main navigation against a full width bright red background in white bold font. The user can click the alert to go to a detail page and get all of the associated information.