Local SEO Challenge

We found this article about the local SEO challenge on Forbes.com and wanted to share it with you. We agree wholeheartedly with everything the author is saying.

Local SEO Challenge: Top 3 Actions You Can Take

  1. Fix up your site – “If you try to do SEO without an optimized site, it’s like racing in NASCAR with a 1989 Honda Civic; you won’t do well.”
  2. Find more budget – Nothing is as measurable as digital advertising. You can track the return on every dollar spent.
  3. Review what your agency is doing for you – It isn’t black magic, and it isn’t rocket science. Demand that your agency show you how they are helping you.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/miketempleman/2015/09/23/local_seo_for_small_business/

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