Important Microsoft Internet Explorer Patch

Microsoft has recently released a critical patch for Internet Explorer known as KB960714. The update affects all versions of Internet Explorer on all Windows Operating Systems including Windows Vista and Server 2008.

The importance of the patch is based on currently available exploits that target Internet Explorer. Malicious code can be injected into Internet Explorer browser without a user’s permission allowing the attacker to gain system wide access to the Operating System.

By the time Microsoft had released this security update, there had been already many thousands infected websites compromising users systems. The malicious code only affects Internet Explorer, however, due to the fact that any website which contains the malicious code will be able to infect a user system, it is crucial that users apply the path immediately or temporarily shift to alternative browsers such as FireFox, Chrome or Opera.

To apply the patch, please visit or follow the instructions to download the patch from 

Note to our clients, we had already applied the patch to all of our Windows servers once it was released by Microsoft. We’re take pride in proactively protecting our customers data around the clock.