Tools we like: Gravity Forms

Our favorite WordPress plugin for building forms is Gravity Forms. There are many reasons we like this plugin.

Reasons We Like Gravity Forms

  1. Ease of use – Gravity Forms is a true “drag and drop” form builder that you access directly from WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Powerful capabilities – the plugin provides the full range from simple contact forms to powerful integrations with external programs.
  3. Easy to style – the plugin makes it ease for our developers to make the forms we build fit your site’s design.

Forms allow your users to enter data which you can then capture to use in a variety of tools and systems. This plugin gives us the ability to easily drop a new form into your existing WordPress website or into any new website we are hired to build. We have the developer’s license so we can install and maintain this plugin on any of the websites we build. If you need a form added to your WordPress website, we can help.

We would love to show you what Gravity Forms can do to improve your website’s functionality. Interested? Call [allen] or [luke] today at [phone].