Web Development Mistakes We Won’t Repeat

When I read this article about web development mistakes I thought to myself, “Been there, done that.” These sort of mistakes must be the right of passage that all web developers need to go through on their way to being experienced web developers.

Top 4 Web Development Mistakes

According to the blog post, these are the “ridiculously obvious mistakes” that many beginner web developers make when they first get into freelancing or start their own agency.

  1. Casually agreeing to increases in scope
  2. Allowing delays on the client’s side
  3. Making sure everything is perfect, personally
  4. Charging a fixed price without hard data

Source: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/mistakes-building-wordpress-sites/

We do our best to avoid these web development mistakes. It makes for a better project for us and for our customers. Want to learn more? Call [allen] or [luke] today at [phone].