website ownership
There are three aspects to website ownership.

Website Ownership: Who’s Your Designated “Website Person”?

We put this aspect of website ownership first because first and foremost this page is about website projects. If you are building a new website or replacing an existing website, there needs to be one person at your company who is the designated “website person”, “webmaster”, “website owner”, etc. … whatever you want to call them. This person needs to be able to make decisions about the website and understand how all of the functionality works. It could be the business owner or a designee.

The more complex the site, the more important this becomes. Ecommerce sites are probably the ultimate example. Someone needs to know how to move an order through the store dashboard, change prices, add new products, etc. We believe that person should be part of the project from the start.

Website Ownership: Who’s got all of the passwords?

We are somewhat jaded to stories of website ownership follies at this point. It is a rare business we speak with who has a full understanding of all of their various accounts, usernames, passwords, etc. Typically they are larger businesses and/or have someone technical (like an engineer, IT person or an accountant) involved in the ownership of the website. This is a gross stereotype, but shop owners, restaurant owners, contractors, non-profits and artists all struggle with keeping this stuff straight and organized. If you depend upon the website for your livelihood – for sales through an online shop or for leads that find the site via search – full knowledge of all of this “icky computer stuff” is mandatory. The most common types of accounts you want to have knowledge of are:

  • Domain Registrar
  • Website Hosting Provider (e.g.
  • Email Provider
  • Payment Processor/Merchant Account Provider
  • Google Analytics, AdWords and/or AdSense accounts
  • Email Marketing Provider (e.g. MailChimp)

Website Ownership: The Files, The Database, The Code, etc.

This aspect of website ownership is really quite simple. When you work with us, after the custom WordPress wesbite project is complete, you own the whole website – lock, stock and barrel. The custom code is yours, the design is yours, the content is yours, the domain is yours, etc. You don’t “own” WordPress but you have the right to use it under various open source license agreements. You may have purchased some premium plugins which are yours as well.

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