WordPress posts become Facebook Instant Articles

Many customers of ours are interested in pushing their blog content to social media. This article talks about how WordPress posts become Facebook Instant Articles.

Article: WordPress Posts Become Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook will let any WordPress blog post Instant Articles

“Facebook’s fast-loading Instant Articles have been slowly rolling out, but on April 12th every publisher will be able to create articles using the special format. Facebook is now making it even easier for small WordPress blogs to offer their content in Instant Articles. The social networking giant has worked with a small number of WordPress users and Automattic (parent company of WordPress) to test a new plugin that creates Instant Articles.

Automattic is planning to release the plugin as a free option for all WordPress users in time for the broader launch of Instant Articles in April. WordPress users that use standard WordPress templates will be able to activate the plugin immediately to create Instant Articles, but more customized WordPress blogs may need to extend the plugin to support extra features. Automattic is making the plugin open source, so the WordPress community of developers can contribute to it and improve it.”

Read More: http://www.theverge.com/2016/3/7/11171754/facebook-instant-articles-wordpress-blog-plugin