Has the Local Snack Pack affected your traffic yet?

Google’s Local Snack Pack has been out there for a couple of months now. How has it affected your traffic?

Local Snack Pack Heat Maps

The amazing folks at moz.com have already been analyzing the Local Snack Pack for months. In the heat map below, they show that the top organic placement still wins with 40% of the clicks.

local snack pack heat map

However, when they looked at a result where the Local Snack Pack was above the first organic result, the impact on the heat map was noticeably different. This test was specifically completed with the search term “personal injury lawyer”.

local snack pack heat map

In this situation, the three links in the local snack pack got 44% of the results with another 8% clicking on the “more local results” link. That’s 52% of the total clicks going to the local snack pack. All of the organic results combined only received 29% of the clicks. Paid search got the other 19%.

Source: https://moz.com/blog/the-new-snack-pack-where-users-clicking-how-you-can-win

What does this mean to your business? It appears from the early results that getting yourself into the Local Snack Pack is critical. Do you want some help getting there? Berkshire Direct has the skills and experience to set you on the path to improved local SEO performance. Call [luke] or [allen] today at [phone] for more information.