Improve Local SEO Performance

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve local SEO performance. We found this great article on this morning about improving your SEO performance locally.

Improve Local SEO Performance: 6 Critical Mistakes You’re Making and Why You Need to Fix Them

improve local seo performance“So why does Local SEO matter anyways? You’ve probably heard about how you need it. Most likely someone told it’s an urgent matter and that you’re crazy for not attending to it sooner.

To be fair though, you might be a little numb to this type of hyperbole. After all, you’ve heard that you need to growth hack social media, that you need an SEO strategy,  and that you need to segment custom audiences… I wouldn’t blame you if you lie awake at night wondering “when will it stop?!”

Well, I can’t tell you when it will stop, though if I were a gambling man I’d bet the farm on “never”. But I can help shed some light on why your small business should care about local SEO, and how you can make sure you don’t mess it up.”


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