I haven’t been blogging in awhile, but I have been adding nicely SEO’d content to the website.

Blogging Discipline?

Let’s face it. Regularly adding blog posts to your website takes discipline. You need to dig down deep and stick to a schedule. You even need to blog when you’d rather be doing something else. Luke and I talk about it all of the time here in the office. The blogging duties rest with me because I like to write and I can do it quickly with what we feel like is decent quality. I also have the discipline to stick to a regular schedule which is vital for success.

However, what I’ve determined is I don’t need “blogging discipline” as much as I need “content discipline” to be successful with my organic search performance. Pages, posts, whatever … as long as fresh, relevant content is being added to the sitemap, Google doesn’t seem to care what post type it’s on.

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