Re-Theme WordPress Site

Is it time to re-theme my WordPress site? A re-theme WordPress site project is not as difficult as it sounds.

Re-Theme WordPress Site Basics

Is your site based upon WordPress? If you’re not sure, one way to check is to look at the page source code. Go to your home page and right click your mouse while mousing over some white space. In the resulting pop-up menu, choose “View Page Source” or similar. See the image below. Note the red box. If you see links with “/wp-content/” then you’re running WordPress.

re-theme wordpress site

Re-Theme WordPress Sites Good News

If you verify that your site is running WordPress, changing the look of your website can be as simple as picking a new theme and applying it to the current site. Or, some simple design enhancements can be laid out and a new custom theme can be created and applied. This can all be done cheaper and faster than you would think possible, and with a minimum of your direct involvement required.


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