Technology changing business every day

There is no doubt that technology changes how business is conducted every day. We see the impact of a more sophisticated customer base. Our customers demand ever more enhanced functionality from the websites we build for them. Gone are the days that a customer is simply looking for a pretty website. Now they have specific requirements about the functions the website needs to provide for them. These functions run the gamut from simple web-to-lead forms to full-blown ecommerce platforms.

Communications Technology

Personal communications is experiencing one of the largest transformations due to new technology. Here at Berkshire Direct our developers, designers and video editing resources are located offshore. We communicate with them via Skype, email and other tools. These tools allow us to collaborate on the design, development and delivery of high quality mobile friendly websites.

Mobile friendly websites are a game changing technology. Demand for WordPress websites is heavily driven by businesses wanting mobile friendly websites. Those sites run on improved communications technology available from smart phones and tablets.

Other Technology Impacts

Project management and collaboration tools like Basecamp allow us to share files, jointly work on to-do lists and many other project management tasks. Basecamp belongs to a family of SaaS (Software As A Service) tools that are out there for small businesses to take advantage of today. Gone is the requirement to download software onto your local machine and too keep it updated. The technology is now all web-based and provided via the browser. We use QuickBooks Online which is another great example of this approach.

At Kabbage, businesses can link their latest data through a fully automated online platform – allowing Kabbage to review the overall health of their business (in contrast to just a credit score as with traditional lenders) to approve and provide business financing in minutes.

Are you getting everything you can out of technology?

Have you put technology to work for you? Given all of the choices or options out there, it may feel a bit overwhelming. Talk to your service providers and get their input. Our bookkeeper turned us onto QuickBooks Online. We’ve helped customers solve ecommerce issues. Get input and invest. Don’t get left behind!

At Berkshire Direct, we put technology to work for you! Call [allen] or [luke] at [phone] for a web technology consultation today!