2016 Website Design Trends

What will be the 2016 website design trends that impact design decisions for new and improved websites? This article from Forbes.com gives some interesting perspectives for designers, developers and website owners to consider.

Watch For These 2016 Website Design Trends

“Web design industry is an ever-changing space and there are many trends that come and go. 2015 has been another amazing year for technological advancement and we’ve seen some incredible websites.

You shouldn’t expect radical changes in 2016. We’ll see some current trends growing bigger, some of them slowly fading away and some smaller movements taking a part in the web design industry competition.

Let’s look at what you should expect of seeing more in 2016 so you can rethink and improve your website.

  1. Natural stock photography
  2. Bold colors
  3. The rise of Material Design
  4. Micro-interactions
  5. Personalized UX
  6. Card design
  7. Videos
  8. Infographics and data visualisation
  9. Animations”

Read More: http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomaslaurinavicius/2015/12/28/web-design-trends-2016/

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