Exciting Web Design

What makes an exciting web design versus a calm or tame one? More importantly, does your web design fit the messaging and positioning you were after when you started on it? We found this interesting article on Forbes about a new technology company that can answer that question for you.

Do you have an exciting web design?

Think Your Company’s Web Design Looks Exciting? This Startup Could Make You Think Again

by Alison Coleman, Forbes.com, November 5, 2015

It’s a question that all the big brands want an answer to; how exciting does their website look to the world? Thanks to Berlin-based virtual AI startup EyeQuant, they can find out.

The technology behind EyeQuant teaches software to ‘see’ designs on web and mobile in the same way that people do, and instantly report how exciting they will look to the human eye. Its scoring system predicts a web design’s ‘Excitingness’ within a few seconds, with results that are as accurate as those derived from large user studies involving hundreds of subjects. A score of 0 indicates a very calm design, while 100 reflects an extremely stimulating and exciting design.”

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alisoncoleman/2015/11/05/think-your-companys-web-design-looks-exciting-this-startup-could-make-you-think-again/

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