Custom Web Design: Dead or Alive?

Many things in life are about choices, trade-offs and understanding both sides of the story before making a decision. Choosing between a template website and a custom web design is no different. We work on both, but we prefer custom website design because we think it creates more value for our customers than a template site does.

Template Sites vs Custom Web Design

“Putting up your website is easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before. Template-based website platforms are driving the web design industry by providing the tools required to create an elegant, responsive, and optimized site. But does this mean that the age of custom web design is over? While these new web design platforms and programs make it easy for you to create and launch your site, they can never be considered an alternative to custom design websites. This is because they do not have the complex and unique synchronization of features such as design, development, and programming.”


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