Internet Design History

internet design historyWe found this interesting article about the history of internet design. It is a journey into the way, way back machine for sure!

Take a Stroll Through Internet Design History

“It’s easy to forget sometimes how much the aesthetics of the Internet have changed in the past 20-odd years. Now, however, Berlin-based Web designer Fabian Burghardt has developed a site that makes it easier to remember just how far we’ve come.

Burghardt’s “Evolution of Webdesign” invites us to take a stroll through the past, looking at how the same Web page might have appeared at regular intervals over the decades, from 1991 to 2015—an “imitation” of changing trends, as he puts it. Simulacra rather than true copies, the pages don’t actually reflect NASA’s own understanding of design, but instead simply serve to reflect Burghardt’s research into the history of Web stylistics more generally. With the help of a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen, visitors can jump backward and forward in time, examining different versions of an imaginary informational page about NASA and the Apollo program. Though each version presents the same basic details, in sequence they tell a compelling story about the gradual transformation of stylistic norms.”

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