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I was searching for information about lawyer website design and I came across this article on called 6 Tips for Surviving the Legal Market for the Next 6 Years.  Top of the list – tip #1 – is “Redesign Your Website”. I have to concur with the arguments made … it’s all about being mobile friendly. As the article points out, the first time you meet your clients these days is when they visit your website. Google’s data shows that the majority of web searches are now being conducted on mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile friendly prospective clients may bounce right off your site and go to a competitor’s site that is mobile friendly. To make matters worse, Google is now penalizing non-mobile friendly sites in the search results from mobile devices. If you’re not mobile friendly, you may actually rank lower than a site that is mobile friendly in the Google search results on a mobile device. I think I’ve made my case – if you’re a lawyer and you depend upon the phone ringing to bring in new clients, your website must be mobile ready.

The good news is that a full blown redesign may not be necessary. First, let’s figure out if you have a problem or not – let’s review the evidence so to speak – and then let’s talk about solutions.

Test Your Website’s Mobile Friendliness

Go to this page: Type or paste your website address into the box and click the Analyze button. Wait a moment or two while Google analyzes your site. If the page you see looks like this, your site isn’t mobile friendly:

lawyer website design

Don’t despair. Getting your site mobile friendly may not be as big of a deal as you think. We can definitely help you with lawyer website design!

We Know Lawyer Website Design Projects Can Be A Time Suck

You’re busy, your staff is busy and its all about billable hours. Time spent working on a website project is not generating revenue for your practice. If you’re happy with the look/feel and the content of your existing website, we can make it mobile friendly with very little input from you required. Or, if you’re ready to change up your design and/or add new functionality we can help with that as well. As small business operators ourselves, we know how to run a lawyer website design project so it minimizes the impact on you and your firm.

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