Web Design Faults

We found this interesting article today which talks about web design faults that negatively impact a website’s search engine optimization performance. If SEO is critical to your business, take a look at your website to see if you have any of these problems.

Web Design Faults Which Negatively Impact SEO

“For online businessmen, surviving in competitive internet-based industry takes a holistic approach which involves two critical steps:

  1. Earning top rankings in search results to attract leads
  2. Retaining leads with a visually appealing and usable web design

Ignore the first step and you will lose your search rankings. Compromise on the second step and you will end up losing your visitors.

Too often, it is difficult for online businesses to stay on the fine line between web design that can get higher rankings. This makes even the best minds to think and find a way to meet these two critical requirements.


An appealing yet SEO-friendly web design.”

Read more: http://www.business2community.com/web-design/6-web-design-faults-thats-not-healthy-seo-01466067#vodcOLb1d8gMJ8xl.99

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