Website Design Trends 2015

website design trends 2015We found a great article on website design trends 2015 this morning from

Top Website Design Trends 2015

“Because your website is so critical to your marketing success, it makes sense to keep up with the trends that affect it. We talk a lot about search engine optimization trends and best practices. Those are certainly important, but how your site looks to visitors is important, too. How easy your site is to navigate and use is even more important.”

Here’s the list of top website design trends 2015:

  1. Mobile
  2. Minimalism
  3. Responsive design and adaptive content
  4. Flat design
  5. Grid design
  6. Background images and videos
  7. Infinite scroll
  8. Interactive content
  9. Movement
  10. Custom photography and illustrations
  11. Hidden navigation


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