Website Improvement Ideas the Crowdsourcing Way

Football club A.S. Roma crowdsourced website improvement ideas on Reddit.

How to find website improvement ideas?

“Last week, football club A.S. Roma did what’s probably the most 21st century thing ever—they crowdsourced ideas for redesigning their website on Reddit.

Paul Rogers, who works on the media side for Roma, realized that they needed an overhaul when the website was voted the 6th worst of all the Champions League team websites.  Instead of going about the redesign traditionally, however, Paul (a.k.a. Paul_R_Roma) posted on Roma’s subreddit asking for anyone—writers, bloggers, website editors, and regular fans alike—to suggest any ideas they have for the new site.

And rather than receiving a bunch of bad or joking ideas, the thread produced a surprising amount of good dialogue between Paul and committed Roma fans.”


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