Tools We Love: WordPress Custom Post Types

In our continuing series about tools we love to use, when it comes to WordPress custom post types, in our opinion you can’t beat the WordPress CPT UI plugin.

Why Use WordPress Custom Post Types?

A WordPress custom post type solves a basic need in many websites. As developers you are often asked to create a custom record that is designed to store data in the database besides your typical page or blog post. Many times these records include a series of data fields (or “custom fields” in WordPress parlance). Those records are known as WordPress custom post types. The outstanding WordPress CPT UI plugin allows you to simply create any WordPress custom post type you want.

Common Examples of WordPress Custom Post Types

  1. Individual “Team Member” or “Staff” posts including headshots, bios, contact info, links to social media profiles, etc.
  2. Individual Location or Store listings for a directory site
  3. Individual properties for a real estate broker’s site