Adding Parallax Effects

Parallax effects seem to be all the rage these days. In fact, for some high-end design agencies they may have already become a bit passe now that video backgrounds have become more prevalent.

Adding Parallax Effects: What is it?

The term “parallax” first appeared to give a name to a visual effect of 2D side scrolling video games. These games used that used background image speeds that were slower than foreground image speeds to foster the illusion of depth onscreen. Starting in 2011, parallax effects were applied to web designs through a combination of HTML5 and CSS3.

adding parallax effectsAdding Parallax Effects: What is it best at?

Having your web designer creating and your developer adding Parallax effects simply for the sake of saying, “My website has parallax effects,” is not a good plan. Parallax is best used for storytelling on a website. The use of animated and video backgrounds in combination tends to make for an experience that grabs the user and immerses them in the content. Prior to 2011, there wasn’t anything like it on the web. See a great example of it here:

Adding Parallax Effects: Can you add them to your website?

If you’ve got a WordPress site, we can give it a quick look and tell you how expensive it would be for adding parallax effects. Call Luke today at 413-458-1721 or email him at