Do you need a WordPress developer?

If you are thinking about adding some advanced functionality to a WordPress site that you maintain yourself, it may be time to consider hiring a WordPress developer. Berkshire Direct is a WordPress developer.

Should you hire a WordPress Developer?

We found this great article on It talks about when to hire a developer for your WordPress project. We really like this description of what a WordPress developer does as we feel it matches up with what we do quite well:

“[A WordPress developer] is, in essence, a WordPress architect. The WordPress developer has built or helped build many WP websites. He or she suggests and comes up with ideas, helps to implement and set up solutions, and works to integrate and modify existing sites. Developers seldom take on custom programming jobs, so if you run a hair salon and want to add a booking functionality to your existing site, the WordPress developer will look for a premium booking plugin to install into your site. They’ll configure it for you, get it up and running, but they won’t program it from scratch. That’s not to say they’ll never do any coding; sometimes, they do perform coding and design work. Other times, they let someone else do it for them, if they can’t find a plugin or template that fits the needs of the client. A good WordPress developer should know when it’s time to outsource the work. Think of your WordPress developer as an architect, looking at the big picture and how to best meet any given goals. That might mean custom programming, or it might mean using ready-made premium plugins and code. The best WP developers know which is the right course of action.”


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