I was reading this interesting article today about WordExpress (aka WordPress Express). WordExpress seeks to replace the WordPress PHP codebase with one powered by JavaScript.

WordExpress vs Calypso

AutoMattic (WordPress parent company) launched their own JavaScript codebase project in November 2015. That code is available on GitHub.

According to the article I read, the competing project is taking a different approach than Calypso. Evidently Calypso uses the REST API we’ve all been hearing so much about lately while WordExpress leverages, “a much simpler approach.” The goal of the project is, “If everything goes according to plan, in the best case scenario, developers will have a fully-working WordPress version that can run on Node.js servers and uses React for its user interface.”

“I’d love involvement from WordPress core developers,” Mr. Lanier (the creator of the project) told Softpedia. “This project started because I wanted a better development experience at work. Hopefully, as the project matures we can actually use it in production.”