WordPress Google Dashboards

wordpress google dashboardsDo you have a group of customers that you want to share data with? Building a WordPress Google Dashboard for your website is a good approach.

WordPress Google Dashboards: Step 1

Step 1 in the process of building a WordPress Google Dashboard is creating a spreadsheet to hold the data you want to display using Google Sheets.

WordPress Google Dashboards: Step 2

Step 2 in the process is deciding which types of charts or gauges you want to use to display the data on the page. The Google Visualization API is perfect for this.

WordPress Google Dashboards: Step 3

Step 3 in the process of building a WordPress Google Dashboard is creating the underlying WordPress page template which can use the Google Visualization API to access the data from the Google Sheets and then render the selected Google Charts or Gauges on the page. The first goal is getting the template to work with one customer’s data. Next, the developer can use Advanced Custom Fields so that the page template can deal with multiple customer spreadsheets.

WordPress Google Dashboards: Step 4

Step 4 is installing a membership plugin which can restrict access to the dashboard to the specific customer it was created for. There are several different options for membership plugins to choose from which will work perfectly for this situation.

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