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WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management System) for small to medium businesses or anyone on a budget.

Best CMS Choice for Small Business

Creating effective websites: Why WordPress is the CMS of choice

“The website is at the heart of almost every business. It’s also usually the first port of call for customers, so it’s essential that it provides a great first impression of a brand.

In today’s connected world, consumers will no longer tolerate slow, clunky or difficult to navigate websites – they will simply take their business elsewhere. Because of this, businesses must put their website on a pedestal and ensure it’s created, developed, and maintained with the customer at the forefront.

An effective website serves its role as the primary access point for customers by providing all the information they may need in a simple, easy to use fashion. A website which conveys your business’ personality, which clearly communicates your products and services and which scales and develops with your customers will help create a loyal customer base.”

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