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Jetpack Omni Search Versus Google Custom Search

Jetpack is a great plugin which I use and recommend. Another version is Slim Jetpack which enables most features except for the ones which need to connect to the servers.

Jetpack have just released a new feature named Omni Search. It basically searches everything on your WordPress installation including posts, pages, comments and plugins.

I tested the new search feature and then compared the results against using Google custom search. Here they are:

Google custom search

The first 4 results using Google custom search are highly accurate. Probably could be in a different order however they display results which are all related to the keyword I used.

Google custom search

Omni Search

Only the 4th result was included in the Google results and the 2nd result was related but not included at all in Google’s results. Maybe its about time there was a search engine for WordPress only results. Either that or they have some work to do on the native WordPress search function.

Jetpack omni search

Omni Search Pro’s and Con’s


  • Useful for finding content in comments and feedbacks from your visitors contact form submissions.
  • Extendable using WordPress’s native Filters API which enables Developers to build custom search into specific plugins.


  • Not as accurate for finding content as a custom search box from Google.
  • Can’t easily display Omni Search box on the front end.

Improve WordPress search

What do you think about the default search box in WordPress and what’s your best alternative?

Can you add to the list of pro’s and con’s?

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