Do you know your Local SEO Statistics?

There we were, trolling about the deep end of the web today – looking for news items to share with our customers and potential customers. came through as per usual. Interesting article from them today entitled, Local SEO Statistics Every Business Should Know.

Local SEO Statistics: What do your vital signs look like?

Here are some local search engine optimization statistics that you can’t ignore!

  1. 50% of mobile searches visit a store within 1 day
  2. 18% of local searches generate sales within 1 day
  3. 70% of smartphone users have used Google ads to call a business
  4. 50% of mobile callers research products or services


What do your local SEO statistics look like? Do you know? Do you care? We can help you start to track them and … possibly improve them. Call [allen] or [luke] today at [phone] for more info.