Google Local Snack Pack

google local snack packYesterday, local SEO industry observers started to notice that the usual 7-packs of local businesses that showed up in search results were suddenly replaced with a 3-pack. By the end of the day, 3-packs were in place across all industry sectors and around the globe.

Google Local Snack Pack: Driven By Mobile

It should come as no surprise that Google’s decision to show a Google Local Snack Pack for all search results (not just mobile) were driven by Google’s mobile strategy. In effect, Google has changed their desktop search results to more closely resemble their mobile-specific search results.

Google Local Snack Pack: Does It Impact You?

Well, if your business used to show up in the 7-pack in positions 4-7, it may no longer be showing up on page 1 of the Google search results. If traffic to your website from clicks on Google’s page 1 is important to your business – and how could it not be? – then you need to take steps to address your rankings. A detailed local SEO plan is required.


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