Local SEO War

We found this really interesting article about fighting a local SEO war, “Know Thy Enemy: Local SEO & The Art of War”.

Local SEO War: What lessons from military strategy apply to local search marketing?

The Art of War is a book written around 500 BC in ancient China. The author, Sun Tzu, was a military general, strategist and philosopher. As popular history would have it, the book has influenced many military operations and conquests over the years — from Japanese Samurai to France’s Napoleon Bonaparte. Today, the book continues to hold influence in various spheres of modern life. A quick Google search will reveal many tales of the book’s use in the business world. One story that sticks out is when the fledgling Snapchat resisted an acquisition by Facebook, and the CEO, Evan Spiegel, gave all of his staff copies of The Art of War as inspiration to finish the fight.”

“Before you go ahead and execute given marketing tactics, ensure your strategy is clearly defined. Are you low-cost and define yourself by price? Or do you differentiate in some other way so that customers will pay a premium for your offering? If you are in a competitive niche and don’t have a real, workable unique selling proposition (USP), then some undifferentiated competitor will always be ready to price their offering slightly lower.”

“Did you notice the recent shift from a 7-pack to 3-pack of local results? That one was pretty stark, so many folks probably did — but did you notice the removal (and replacement, and removal again) of phone numbers from local results?”

Source: http://searchengineland.com/know-thy-enemy-local-seo-art-war-231891

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