Web Design Business Tips

This article provides web design business tips. Admittedly it is targeted more at me than it is at you. However, it makes some interesting assumptions re: future trends that I think are worth reading for anyone who owns a website.

6 Quality Tips for a Web Design Business

“Whether you’re a freelance hired gun on your own, a moderate-sized development house, or a full-sized website design and host business, these tips are provided to be a quality guide for your services. It should be no secret that website design has changed drastically in the past decade. The market is not only more competitive, but the days when people hosted websites “just for fun” are sadly gone. Today’s web design clients wants a ruthlessly efficient investment for every dollar spent, no matter how meager that total.

  1. Work with Social Media, Not Against It
  2. Master Fluid Design
  3. Peg the Client’s Motive in Having a Website
  4. Branch Into Alternative Markets
  5. Remember That the Customer is Not Always Right
  6. Always Stay Up-to-Date”

Source: https://tech.co/6-quality-tips-web-design-businesses-2015-12

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