Web Design Questions

If you’re thinking about having a new web design done, we would love to talk with you. When we meet, these are the types of questions we are going to ask so we can provide our website designer with the information they need to understand your vision right from the start.

Web Design: Audience?
  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • Who is going to use the site? Who is the audience?
  • What are the age ranges of potential site visitors?
  • What are the interests of potential site visitors?
  • How will potential site visitors use the Web site?
  • What are the main reasons users may have for visiting the site?
Web Design: Content?
  • What content will be needed for the site?
  • If it is a new site to replace an existing website, will be be reusing the existing content in the new website design?
  • Please make a list of the sections and features that will be included.
  • Be sure to consider what content already exists and what needs to be developed.
Web Design: Messaging?
  • What primary message should the website design communicate?
  • What primary short-term objectives does your organization have for the site?
  • What are the longer-term objectives for the site?
Web Design: Look and Feel?
  • Are there any websites that you really like?
  • Are there any specific elements or components of another website that you really like? “I like the header on this one, but prefer the slideshow on this one.”
  • Are their any specific websites that you hate?
  • Are there any specific elements or components of another website that you hate? “That website’s navigation is awful.”
  • Does your organization have a style guide?
  • Does your organization already have a logo?
  • Does your organization have a particular font or fonts that you use for everything?
  • Are there specific colors that you have in mind? Do you have a general idea of the color palette?
  • Do you have any ideas re: the site background? Are you thinking about a background image or a video?
  • Do you like gradients or textures? We will design whatever you want, but we will try to steer you towards Flat Design.
  • What word or two would you use to describe the overall look you want?
    • Is it trendy or classical?
    • Do you want the site’s image to be trust, excitement, knowledge,  sophistication, something else?
Web Design: The Home Page?
  • Slideshow: yes or no?
  • If yes, what type of animation? Fade? Slide left? All the same? Variable?
  • How often do you plan to update the slideshow?
  • What is the content behind the slideshow? What does the user see if they click on the “more” button?
  • What are the major “calls to action”?
  • Square corners or rounded corners on buttons?
  • The long form home page that appears as a series of “rows” is the latest trend … do you like that?
  • Do you like horizontal navigation (menu goes across the page) or vertical navigation (menu goes down the sidebar)?
  • Do you want any drop down menus or should all menu items be in the main navigation?
  • Do you want any of these elements on the home page?
    • Welcome Text
    • Quote
    • Slogan
    • Calendar
    • Upcoming Events
    • Featured Property
    • Link List
    • Search
    • Random Testimonial Module
    • Featured Multimedia Module
    • Latest Media Module
    • Linkable Image Modules
    • Blog Excerpt
    • News Excerpt
    • Account Sign-in Module
    • Location Module
Web Design: Header, Footer and Sidebars?
  • Social media icons: yes or no?
  • If yes, where?
  • Social media feed(s): yes or no?
  • If yes, where?
  • Email newsletter subscription form: yes or no?
  • If yes, where?