Web Development Checklist

As part of our daily deep dive into the world of web design and web development, we found this checklist to follow for upcoming web projects. Some pretty good stuff here. I think we will steal a few of these for our own project checklist. This is coming at the issue of a web development checklist from an SEO perspective.

8 Essential Things in Web Development Checklist to Follow for Your Upcoming Projects

  1. Confirm your SSL Certified domain first (this primarily applies to ecommerce projects)
  2. Watch out for canonical errors
  3. Use JavaScript for the hidden content
  4. Implement Google Analytics and another tracking code
  5. Name your image files accurately
  6. Check your page meta titles and descriptions
  7. Avoid drowning your home page with too many hyperlinks
  8. Remember using an XML sitemap

Source: http://www.business2community.com/seo/8-essential-things-web-development-checklist-follow-upcoming-projects-01339428

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