Improve Local Search Results with Rich Snippets

As we reported back in August, Google is now showing a 3-pack of local search results at the top instead of the 7-pack. If local search is important to your business, then you need to improve local search results to fight your way into the 3-pack.

Rich Snippets Improve Local Search Results

“Back in 2011 Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex launched to help webmasters understand this microdata vocabulary.”

“Information that you can include for local business clients include hours of operation, payments accepted, pricing, contact information and reviews.”

“Aside from the obvious benefits of getting more information in front of the user more efficiently, word on the street is Google prefers websites that use structured data – but again, only if it makes sense! So it’s safe to say you could see a potential rankings boost by installing the proper markup.”


If you want to improve local search results with rich snippets, call [allen] or [luke] at [phone] today!