WordPress Portfolio Websites

WordPress portfolio websites are very popular. WordPress does a great job of presenting portfolios on the front end to site visitors AND on the back end to site users. Even novice admins can maintain WordPress portfolio websites. While we prefer to build portfolios using custom posts and custom fields, there are other ways to skin that cat. Many people use WordPress portfolio plugins to do the job. We found a great article about WordPress portfolio plugins and wanted to share it with you.

WordPress Portfolio Websites: 9 of the Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins

“If you do work online, you absolutely need a portfolio. You can have a ton of cool fonts and all the pop-up plugins you could ever need. But if you can’t display your work to potential clients, you’re missing out. Being able to present your projects in an appealing fashion is an invaluable tool, as it can tell the reader why you’re better than everyone else at what you do.”

Source: http://www.sitepoint.com/9-of-the-best-wordpress-portfolio-plugins/

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